We would appreciate your input

Posted on March 13, 2017 in What's New

The Arts Alliance of the White Mountains is looking for ideas for eye catching attention at Penrod driveway entrance to the Center for the Arts.

As many of you know we bought feather flags last year hoping this would attract attention. And it worked….to a degree. The flags haven’t held up well in the excessive wind of the White Mountains. We’ll keep using them as long as we can. We’d like to add sculptures to the property line along the road similar to what Pinetop/Lakeside has done along Highway 260.

To begin we are requesting design ideas for the sculptures. We’d like several sculptures to run along the road to catch the traveler’s eye. If you are interested in submitting a design idea or provide input, we’d appreciate your help.

If you are interested in helping with other aspects of the project, please the Center for the Arts. We haven’t scheduled a committee to work on the project yet so if you’d like to help with the planning, let us know. You can call the Center at 928-532-2296 or email at azaawm@gmail.com.