CoronaVirus and the Center for the Arts

Posted on March 23, 2020 in What's New

We at the Center for the Arts are following the efforts of the state and the community to stem the CoronaVirus.
An email was sent out last week to members and art enthusiasts with notice that we would be closing the Center until April 1st. Since the date that email was sent, we’ve come to realize that the Center for the Arts is not likely to reopen on that date. The Board of Directors for the Arts Alliance of the White Mountains suggested that we don’t reopen until the local schools are ready to reopen and the restaurants and other businesses in the community reopen. At this time, the local schools are scheduled to be closed through April 10th. We’ll use this as a guideline for now.

Below is the email sent out on March 17th with the decision made regarding the hours at the Center. Please note that aspects of the virus have changed since the 17th.

March 17, 2020

Good morning,

Along with all of you, I have been watching the threat created by the Coronavirus , also known as COVID-19. We have all seen the results on our communities created by the fear of the disease and effects it may have on our lives.

As of this morning at 9am, the Arizona Department of Health Services reports that there are currently 18 total cases in the state. Navajo and Apache county have zero cases, as well as the rest of northern Arizona. There is one case in Graham County and the rest are in Maricopa, Pinal and Pima counties. This information is being updated daily by the State of Arizona and can be found at

That said, the Center for the Arts is staffed entirely by volunteers. Most all of our volunteers are older people who are more at risk than the general population to this virus. As all of those volunteers are greatly loved and appreciated, I’m not willing to risk the health of even one of them.

Therefore, conducting with great caution, I’m letting you know that the Center for the Arts will remain closed from today until Wednesday, April 1st. At that time, assuming the voluntary self-isolation will have worked and this virus will no longer be a threat, we will resume our summer hours of Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 4pm. If necessary, we’ll move the date out weekly until it’s safe to reopen.

Based on this, all events and regularly scheduled activities will be cancelled until April.

I am heart-broken that we’ve come to this point. I know that by taking care of ourselves and those around us, we’re all going to come through this safe and healthy. I’m looking forward to seeing all of you soon!

Ann Moore
President of the Board, Arts Alliance of the White Mountains
Director, Center for the Arts