Changes to the Juried Art Shows at the Center for the Arts

Posted on July 25, 2016 in What's New

We’ve added some changes to the Juried Shows at the Center for the Arts.

We began with defining why we have the shows. The organizers of the shows feel that the purpose of the shows are to increase attendance and membership at the Center. We also want to generate recognition of the excellence of our artists. And finally we decided that we want to generate involvement with the Center for the Arts and the Arts Alliance of the White Mountains.

The changes that we have decided on for the 12th Bi-Annual Juried Art Show, which begins in August and finalizes in September will first of all have NO entry fees. Therefore there will be no cash prizes for winners. It was felt that the entry fees excludes some people who otherwise would participate in the shows. There will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners as well as Honorable Mentions but there will only be ribbons awarded to these winners.
Another change to the procedure is that the entry form is due one week before the delivery of the artwork. This will allow volunteers more time to organize the entries, determine the hangings, the tags, etc.
Changes to the categories will allow a broader definition of experience in the competition side of things. The entry form for the 12th Bi-Annual Juried Show – CLICK HERE.

An exciting change is that the general public will be offered an opportunity to choose their favorites in the show. Beginning on the first day of the show, Friday, August 26th through Thursday, September 1st, ballots will be available to anyone who comes into the center. As this People’s Choice will be awarded at the Awards Presentation, the presentation will now be on the 2nd Saturday of the show, in this case, September 3rd.