Artist of the Month-Sheila Vogler

Posted on July 3, 2021 in What's New

My name is Sheila Vogler and I create Mosaic art.  I split my time between a home in Lakeside and my original home in Tucson, where I have lived since 1970.   

The first “improvement” we made to the Lakeside house was my “She Shed” which my husband built for me.  It is my haven where I can work with a beautiful view of the field and trees behind our property.  

I began doing Mosaic art 16 years ago after seeing a beautiful piece made by a woman in my workout class. I had recently lost my husband and was

looking for a hobby to keep me busy and my mind occupied. So, I went to the tile studio and I was hooked.  I spent 6 hours there the first day and never looked back.

I initially decorated my home with artwork or gave pieces to friends and family as gifts.  It was after moving to Lakeside that I was told by a friend that my art was more than a hobby and I should sell it.  I was lucky enough to venture into the Arts Alliance gallery and was thrilled to have the place to display my pieces. It is very rewarding to have other people appreciate your work. I try to volunteer at the Gallery as often as I can during our stay in the summer months. I have met many amazing artists and enjoy seeing the beautiful art that is created here on the mountain.