Artist of the Month – November and December 2019 – Carol Sletten

Posted on November 17, 2019 in AAWM Center for the Arts - Artist of the Month, What's New

In the past, Carol worked for an ad agency and a university information center, did a stint as a reporter, taught at a community college, was co-owner of an art gallery and collected oral history. When she was on the East Coast, Carol had a gig as an Artist in Residence, designed publications and had a one-woman show at the Staten Island Botanic Garden.

She is currently focusing on the history, landscape and people of the American West. Her play, books and artwork reflect her ongoing fascination with those subjects. Carol is the co-author and illustrator of Story of the American West – Legends of Arizona, which weaves quintessential elements of the mythic West into a high readable history about one of the last untamed regions on the American frontier.

Carol’s popular play, Three Strong Western Women, has now been published as a book which includes 17 background chapters as well as the women’s gripping and very personal true stories. The characters are the handcart pioneer Emma Lee, who was the 17th plural wife of John D. Lee, the Lutheran mission; Minnie Guenther, who saved many Apache lives and the Apache woman warrior and shaman Lozen, who rode with Geronimo. Carol is also a talented photographer and painter. She was Artist in Residence at the Petrified Forest in Arizona in September of 2017.