An evening of Sacred Sound Alchemy, with Jay Schwed, Sonic Light Weaver.

Posted on July 10, 2021 in What's New

An Afternoon Of Sacred Sound Alchemy with Jay Schwed; Sonic Light Weaver 

Friday, July 23rd.  6:30 -8 pm.
Held in the gallery space at Center for the Arts at 251 Penrod, Show Low

$25.00 Admission, stop in or reserve your spot online

Enjoy this sacred event as you experience the enchantment of Master Sound Alchemist/Sonic Light Weaver, Jay Schwed. Jay has been facilitating sound healing journeys across the United States and Canada as his personal sacred mission since September 11, 2001. He has also been building teams of sound healers as his contribution to raising the vibrational frequency of the planet.  Jay follows the tradition begun by famous inventor/statesman Benjamin Franklin (inventor of the glass harmonica/sound healer).

Jay incorporates alchemy singing bowls, singing crystal pyramids, singing crystal Merkaba, Magical French Chimes, and sound-infused aromatherapy mists, along with his enchanting Dolphin bowl to make this a multi-sensory sonic healing experience.

This sonic healing journey inspires, enchants, and empowers people all around the world as Jay restores the earth via his virtual global presence. Please join us for this awe-inspiring event.


Jay Schwed, MsT, CHT, was born in Chicago, IL, and was raised in Los Angeles, CA. In 1979 he got his degree in Agriculture and followed with a career with the USDA as an inspector, followed by years of work as a plant breeder’s assistant. In 1983 he took his first workshop in massage therapy at Esalen Institute. Immediately after the workshop, he enrolled in a massage school in Carmel, CA. Jay has been a pioneer in this field and has worked in a variety of settings. In 1994, inspired by another Esalen workshop, he bought his first set of ‘singing’ Crystal Bowls. In the following years, he has taught himself how to play. In 1995 Jay was trained as a Reiki Master and has been training many in this technique. In 1997 Jay added to his skills by attending a 750- hour training program in hypnotherapy.

During the last 20 years Jay has been traveling throughout the United States and Canada giving performances, leading workshops, and giving private sessions at nursing homes, healing centers, New Thought churches, yoga studios, recovery centers, mental institutions, hospice, and a variety of other locations as he assists in raising the planets vibrational frequencies. He has performed at such notable places as The Deepak Chopra Center, The Edgar Cayce Center, A.R.E., The Agape Cultural Center, and The Believe Center.

His current focus is on the building of teams of sound healers across North America where his classes are facilitated.