Artist – Nancy Stanley

Nancy Stanley was born in California, but by the time she was seventeen she had attended thirteen schools and lived all over the United States. Nancy went her own way after that, living around the west. She met her husband working in the casinos in Reno, NV and they have been together for 40 years. Nancy attended the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and was able to obtain her B.A. by the time she was 30. She went on to get her Masters and more and taught for thirty years, primarily in Middle Schools. Nancy taught Juveniles in the Department of Corrections and Native American children on Reservations in New Mexico. She retired in 2013 and moved to Taylor, Arizona. She had camped in the White Mountains for over 20 years and knew the area well.

In 2015 Nancy began to paint. With no prior art background, she began learning from the internet and slowly progressed. Finding The Arts Alliance of the White Mountains allowed Nancy to start the journey of becoming “herself’ as a “artist”. The family of artists there helped Nancy to learn and feel confident. She can’t thank everyone enough for the support and friendship extended to her.

Nancy’s art continues to be eclectic, though she gravitates towards animals and the colors, burnt sienna, purple and orange. She mainly work in acrylics though has not given up on watercolors and pastels. With varying success, she happily struggles through each painting hoping for expression, light and feeling. It’s a journey Nancy looks forward to. “I never know what will inspire me next.”