Artist – Ann Moore

Ann Moore
White Mountains Glass Dreams

As the sole proprietor of White Mountain Glass Dreams, Ann Moore
has been creating in glass for more than 15 years. Her original glass
education took place in Littleton, Colorado. She has extended her
knowledge with additional classes in Colorado and Washington.
Original projects took the form of stained glass but the art of fused
glass was added about seven years ago. It has only been within the
last six years that Ann has been able to work full time with her glass.

In recent years, since moving to the White Mountains of Arizona, she
has been dreaming of glass. She wakes in the morning with a new
project or a new twist of an established project. The dreamed projects
don’t always come to fruition easily but perseverance has become a way of life.

Ann is President of the Board of Directors with the Arts Alliance of the White Mountains,
promoting arts in the community. She is also the Director of the Center for the Arts located in
Show Low, Arizona.