Artist – Cathy McCue

Cathy McCue

Cathy is from a military family and has traveled to and lived in many foreign countries. She spent a lot of time visiting the galleries and cathedrals of Italy and France. She has also had the opportunity to explore many of the museums and galleries across the United States before making Phoenix her home.

“I have completed several series of works inspired by my studies with both locally and nationally known art teachers, Diane Maxie and Dick Phillips,” Cathy explains.

After taking art all through school, Cathy has since completed many hours of college classes such as Drawing and Composition, and Painting.

“I remember dabbling in art from an early age. I painted with acrylics for years and experimented with many art forms. Once I tried watercolor, I fell in love.” states Cathy. “For me, watercolor is a magical medium.”

Living in Phoenix and the White Mountains, Cathy has spent many hours exploring and delving into the beauty of Arizona. The history, culture and romance of the beautiful mountains and deserts inspire her work.