Artist – Judi Jordan

Judi Jordan

Judi Jordan’s Christian art is inspired by images from vision’s she receives during worship, from scripture or the spoken word. When viewing her paintings, one might think of the old Flemish masters whose mainly religious paintings had a narrative element. These messages were often laid out in a montage that seems to bring heaven and earth together. In common with that, observers state that Jordan’s works are bold and illicit strong emotions and who often find more and more in her paintings the longer they study them.

While Jordan’s work is mostly Christian messages, some of her pieces reflect her life’s journey of what God has brought her through, such as in her “Shattered Dreams.” The concept for this painting came to her years earlier when she was single, after a back injury, many medications that stifled her creative abilities and the eventual loss of her job. Jordan began to feel as though her dream of becoming a professional artist would never happen. Twenty-four years later Jordan painted “Shattered Dreams” as a testimony that beauty can truly rise out of ashes and dreams can be restored. Her artistic talent is a gift from her heavenly Father. God has made her dreams a realization.

Judi paints with acrylics on canvas mostly, but recently began doing mixed media on cradled hardboard panels. She also enjoys drawing mediums. Her method is dictated by the concept as to how to approach the art. Rules are often thrown out, as creativity knows no boundaries.

Jordan’s art is in private collections throughout the USA and abroad. Jordan has been accepted into several juried shows, receiving awards and special recognition locally and internationally.

Jordan is represented by the Arts Alliance of the White Mountains and Prophetic Gallery in North Carolina. Some commissions accepted and many originals are available by reproduction in a variety of custom sizes on paper or canvas at http// She is represented by AAWM Center for the Arts in Show Low, Arizona.

For additional information regarding Judi and her art, please visit her website at