Artist – Gerald Underhill

Gerald’s art is made with found objects, common and recognizable, some complex and strange. He works exclusively in an abstract or nonobjective style.



Sourcing materials has become a minor obsession. Recycle centers and salvage yards supply many unique and unusual items. A prize find from a vintage dumpsite can yield the inspiration for a new work, or at least a welcome addition to my ever growing found object collection. Encounters of the natur live long in his memory and are often refreshed by the art they become.

Assembling an array of dissimilar findings creates construction challenges requiring both skill and resource. Objects as found remain unaltered whenever possible, since the object’s history is as important as the new life he gives it in his sculpture.

Construction begins by choosing key elements. Progressive items are arranged using fundamental principles of good design. Many pieces sit unfinished waiting. When the final object is found and installed, he enjoys a feeling of accomplishment and satisfaction: his greatest award.