Artist – Dana Conklin

Dana Conklin
Dana came into the world on August 1st, 1954 which was the year of the horse. She spent her formative years on a small farm in the town of Buckeye, Arizona. From her childhood experiences she developed a strong affection for animals of all kids. Her artwork displays this love of animals, with the horse being her favorite subject.
Since 1976 Dana has been a member of at least seven Art Associations from as far as Ontario, Canada to California. In 1997 she became the Vice-President of Lompoc Valley Art Association, as well as a member of the Lompoc Mural Society where she participated in several “Mural in a day” projects. A small mural (8’ by 12’) of Point Conception was completely re-done by Dana after getting the bid to redo, competing against two other artists.
The ability as an artist flowered at an early age, winning her first “Best of Show” while in high school and continued to accept similar awards at other art shows throughout the country. Dana’s extraordinary ability to capture the likeness of both people and animals is evident in her pen & ink drawings, scratchboard, acrylic, pastel drawings and watercolors.
Dana is an accomplished photographer as well. She photographed her subjects which she was commissioned to paint or draw. An example of her work can be seen in the self-portrait completed August 2018 in acrylic titled “Out of the Shadows”.
As the daughter of an accomplished western artist, Thomas D. Childers, Dana endeavors to follow in his brush strokes, possibly going further as a jack of most mediums, master of none.