Artist – B.J. Caldwell

B. J. Caldwell

B. J. Caldwell has always had an eye for vibrant color and sparkle. As a child, her grandmother kept faceted glass “gems” in a box for her to enjoy. It was fate the guided her to the jewelry industry in 1962.

Eighteen years later she had gleaned enough knowledge and skill to branch out on her own and become a gemologist/appraiser working in her very own jewelry store. The creative juices that flowed through her finally had an outlet. Designing beautiful jewelry for her customers proved to be an avenue toward her need to express herself onto canvas. Her very first attempts were completed in 1980.

B. J. is a self-taught artist who has developed her distinctive style that defines who she is and how she feels. Her work is primarily done in oil but an occasional watercolor acrylic is born. Her former Jewelry store, CALDWELL JEWELERS in Tucson, Arizona served as her art gallery where she had great success selling her paintings. Each piece created by B.J. displays hints of sparkle within the image.