AAWM presents the 2018 Concert Series

We’d originally scheduled four concerts for our 2018 Concert Series beginning in May and concluding in August. A last minute addition for September has now been added. Chris Issacs has been added for September. Check out his biography at the bottom of the page. Tickets are on sale now here on the website. Tickets are $20 each with a $1 handling charge.

May 17th, 6pm – Dave Stamey

Dave Stamey has been bucked off and stomped by many horses. He has been stepped on by mules and dragged around branding pens by cattle of many sizes. He’s ridden in the rain, in the snow, in the rain some more, in pretty nasty heat, and in feedlot pens where the air was thick and decidedly fragrant. He’s even wrangled dudes.

He is an entertainer now, and makes his living inflicting himself upon innocent people at music festivals, agricultural banquets and backyard barbecues. He finds he prefers this. He has been voted Entertainer of the Year, Male Performer of the Year and Songwriter of the Year by the Western Music Association, and Male Vocalist of the Year by the Academy of Western Artists.

He lives in Nipomo, California. He bets you don’t know where that is.

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June 21st – Wildcat Jazz

With their unique blend of impeccable musicianship, traditional music and slapstick humor, Wildcat Jazz has been planting smiles on faces since 2004. Founded by New Christy Minstrels veteran Rob Wright and his roster of world-class musicians, Wildcat Jazz has gained global recognition with their free-wheeling mix of well-known jazz favorites, tongue-in-cheek originals and Dixieland staples. This one-of-a-kind entertainment experience will have your toes tapping while you’re grinning from ear to ear!

For more information on Wildcat Jazz, visit their website HERE. To get additional information on this concert, click HERE. To buy tickets online today, choose TICKETS.


July 12th – Peter Dalton Ronstadt

Peter Dalton Ronstadt, Petie, is a fifth generation Ronstadt in Tucson. Son of late Michael J Ronstadt, nephew of Linda Ronstadt, and great grandson of Federico Jose Maria Ronstadt. He plays the bass, guitar, banjo, tuba, and sings. He is one of the Ronstadt’s in Ronstadt Brothers Y Los Tucsonenses (formerly Ronstadt Generations) with his older brother Michael G Ronstadt. He is a recording engineer and producer working out of LandMark Sound Recorders which he co-owns and operates with Sam Eagon. While in Tucson he performs locally with other members of Los Tucsonenses, Alex Flores, Bobby Ronstadt, Sam Eagon, and Ryan Alfred, as well as a solo artist. He has a beautiful wife, Jackie, and daughter, Annabelle. He is a Tucsonan, through and through. Peter Dalton Ronstadt is a writer and interpreter of song, a recording engineer and producer, a poet and lyricist, an all around post-modern American songster from the great American Southwest.

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August 16th – Barry Ward

Barry Ward is a western singer. Even more importantly, Barry Ward is a cowboy, who sings. Anyone can become a cowboy singer. Just get a pair of boots, a big hat and a guitar, and you’re all set. If you’re going to sing cowboy songs, it sure does help to know about what you sing. It’s called “credibility.”

Barry grew up on the western plains of Kansas, near the small town of Copeland, about 40 miles west of the famous Cowtown, Dodge City. His great-grandparents settled the place in the late 1880s, shortly after the buffalo had been replaced by cattle. Barry, or “Bear” as he has come to be known by his friends, worked alongside his father and grandfather, working cattle and also doing farm work. To keep food on the table, many ranchers had to diversify and start raising crops. These rugged men of the land became equally at home in a saddle or on the seat of a tractor.

Some cowboys would shy away from letting people know they were also farmers. Perhaps the life of a farmer doesn’t seem as romantic as that of a cowboy. Bear doesn’t have a problem with it. In fact, he embraces it. He writes most of his own songs and those songs deal, not only with his experiences as a cowboy, but with his experiences as a farmer, such as driving a combine during the wheat harvest. Add to that a strong faith and a love for his country and you’ve got a guy who’s overflowing with credibility.

So how does a guy from rural western Kansas become a successful western singer? Being a good singer and songwriter helps. But years of drought, the high cost of fuel and fertilizer, and government bureaucracy pushed things along. With sadness in their hearts and tears in their eyes, Barry Ward and his wife, Victoria, finally had to let go of the old homestead. However, you can’t keep a good cowboy down for long. Bear grabbed his guitar and began singing, locally at first for churches and banquets. At first it was at Farm Bureau meetings and livestock auction barns, but by 2003, he had performed at the Cultural Olympiad in conjunction with the 2002 Olympics and Carnegie Hall in New York City.

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September 20th – Chris Issacs – Cowboy Humorist and Storyteller

One of the most popular entertainers in the Cowboy genre today Chris Isaacs has performed  from border to border and coast to coast.  His look at life from a Cowboys point of view has had folks laughing from coast to coast and border to border and his easy stage presence and quick wit has endeared him to audiences all over the country.
A favorite of other performers they have said some pretty nice things about him in spite of the jabs he takes at them on stage.
“In the world of real cowboy entertainers, Chris Isaacs is right at the top with the very best of ’em.” — Waddie Mitchell
“Chris Isaacs is the real deal — cowboy to the bone. The fact that he’s also a great entertainer is icing on the cake….one of the best in the business.” — Dave Stamey
“If the western landscape is colored with the words of it’s most honest writers and performers, then Chris Isaacs is one of the guys who knows where to begin painting and how to leave his indelible signature when he is finished. Honesty like that comes only from having lived the life, walked the walk, and  remembering how he got there.”
— Juni Fisher
Pretty high praise from some awful talented folks! To buy your tickets online today, choose TICKETS here.