November has come and gone and I am still in Spain

Posted on December 20, 2016 in Jose Colchado

November has come and gone and I am still in Spain. Haven’t been doing any painting but have been enjoying taking photos in black and white and playing around with color, shadows and saturation. The B&W seems particularly suited to some of the old buildings.

Visited Lisbon and stayed in a one room private rental. Only the best for Jose. Actually I would rather spend my money on local food and sightseeing. Had roasted sardines, pan de abuela, custard tarts, roast pig, lots of different kinds of sausages and more sweets than I ought to. Visited Cacais and Sintra, two small towns an hour by train. Sintra is like a real life Disneyland. It has been designated an international treasure.

Everyone says , watch out for the Romanians, they will steal you blind. One almost did. In Lisbon a pick pocket lifted my wallet but I felt it and ran him down and got it back. Good thing, it had most of my cash and a credit card.

Bought myself a barrette the kind you see the Spanish wear. Looks very arty.

The school situation is improving. I spend my time coming up with active participation activities that reinforce the language learning the teachers are promoting. I make it fun. The kids love it! One 2nd grader brought me a couple of muffins she said she helped bake and a note that said, “Jose, you are my favorite teacher. I love you.” As a teacher what more can you ask.

Will be traveling to Prague, Vienna and Budapest for the holiday festivities and markets.


In Retiro Park in Madrid, dramatic blacks and whites.


Enhancing the fall colors by playing with color

Keep on painting!






Really dramatized the festive colors, at a fair in Alcala de Henares, supposed home of Cervant







One of several palaces in Sintra.







Sweets, sweets’ sweets!



Optical illusion on sidewalk in Cacais








Fantasyland in Sintra.



Cafe con leche and torta de manzana






Beauties of Andalusia