Jose Colchado’s Farewell & Beginning Blog

Posted on August 20, 2016 in Jose Colchado

group photo going away party for jose (1024x576)Dear friends, fellow artists and companions on the road to personal growth and happiness.

You have made my time at the Center a wonderful, fulfilling and growing experience for me. Your support of my classes has given me the means to continue growing as a teacher, artist and human being. Thank you!

My send off and reception were too generous and gracious about my role at the Center. The songs were touching and I will always cherish the thoughts conveyed by the songs and all of you.

I expect to send occasional dispatches from across the Atlantic and hope that if any of you should venture in the direction of Madrid , Spain that you will let me act as your host to the best of my ability.

Not good by but Adios!
Jose Colchado