I have been at the school for one month and things are going well.

Posted on November 2, 2016 in Jose Colchado

I have been at the school for one month and things are going well. Halloween was a big deal at the school and throughout Spain as well. The Chinese are raking in the dough!

I had a four day weekend because I am off on Monday and today is a holiday. So I decided to go to Seville about 530 kilometers from Madrid. By fast train it was 2 1/2 hours in a very comfortable 2nd class seat.
Seville is smaller than Madrid and has a small city feel to it. It is easy to walk to almost everything you want to see. 11022016-7Among the pictures you will receive in this and another email there is one of the train station. And guess what they have free toilets! I went twice just to take advantage. Walked to my hotel, Hotel Dona Blanca. Decided to purchase a tourist bus ticket, thinking that I was scouting out places in case people come and want to see Seville. It turned out to be a great deal. 20 euros for 48 hours of on and off rides. Plus it took you to most of the important sites. It would have cost me 20 euros just for the number of times I took the bus had I paid on the regular buses. The waffle looking structure is the largest totally wood 11022016-4structure in Europe. Its modern magnificence contrasts with the ancient castles throughout Seville. The church building is one of hundreds in the city. There is a church on practically every corner. The castle with the bridge and fountain is in La Plaza de Espana. Hard to believe people actually lived there. often wonder how the common people were accepting of the splendid life the royalty lived while they lived in poverty. Yet today people seem very proud of their royal past. The white and yellow building is the Palacio de San Telmo one 11022016-5of man others in the royal park gardens area.

Seville has the only navigable river in Spain. The river walk and restaurants are a great place to relax, enjoy a beer or coffee and people watch.

Casa de la Memoria is a restaurant museum and performance area for Flamenco. For the cost of a great meal, colas de toro appear to be a favorite, you get to see some very emotional singing and dancing and can tour the museum.

While there I went to an international festival, always a festival, near the royal gardens. Sweets, sweets, sweets. They 11022016-1 (800x598)love their sweets. The picture is not good because of the light but look closely at the sign. This food booth offered Costillas Obama. Obama Ribs. Why Obama ribs????? Who knows.

My routine at the school is now settled. I leave home at 7 20, thank goodness for daylight saving time now in effect because I had to get going in the dark, catch one bus then another and arrive at the school at 8:30. 9 am classes start. I will send pictures of the kids in Halloween dress. I have one favorite teacher Ana who involves me in the class and asks for ideas on how to communicate information. I have developed a food bingo game, they have to learn about different foods and costs in 11022016-8English, which the kids love. Word got out about it and all the English teaches want to use it. I also taught a Halloween unit and I will send some video if I can figure out how to do it.

November is a long work month, no more holidays until Dec 23 -Jan 9. A long holiday.

Look for more pictures.

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