Dispatch from Across the Pond

Posted on September 28, 2016 in Jose Colchado

Friends,JC-train station

This is the Atocha Central Train, Bus and Metro center in Madrid. From here you can get anywhere, if you can figure out how to get there.

I think I managed to find the ONLY toilet in the whole Metro Train system. And it costs you 60 centavos to get in. I think I’ll wait. The whole euro system is deceptive. You pay one euro for a cup of coffee and you think you are paying one dollar but you are actually paying about $1. 15 cents. This adds up. I did however get one great deal. Because I am a senior citizen ( de la Tercer Edad) I get a monthly metro card to use on any bus, train or metro to JC-Atocha stationanywhere for 12,75 euros! What a deal. This is especially good since the school I will be teaching at is a 30 minute train ride from Atocha, but more about that later.JC-Take WOK

This is an exterior shot of the Atocha station.

So, on one of my first days here I decided to Take WOK, and see some sights.

JC-plaza1There are plazas everywhere and they are filled with people eating and drinking. Boy do they love to eat and drink! Got lost numerous times but the old army navigation training pays off and I find my way back.

The community I will be teaching in is Ajalvir, a small rural town that is a 30 minute train ride and a 15 minute bus ride from Madrid. But I will be living in Torrejon de Ardoz which a medium size town 15 minute bus ride from Ajalvir.
There are two school buildings with 1-4 grade in one and 5-6 in the other. From what I understand I will be spending time at both. But only 16 hours a week with Fri-Sun off. GREAT!!! I get to travel IMG_6911on weekend excursions and go to Madrid any day I want.

This is an example of the terrain around Ajalvir. The fields are planted in some kind of hay.

IMG_7001Every little town has its church and plaza. This is Ajalvir.

These are what the streets are like in Ajalvir. You can walk the old town in 45 minutes. It’s a 10 minute walk from the bus to the school. School starts October 3. Next dispatch I will tell you more about Madrid and some of the cultural differences I have encountered. Be well and prosper.IMG_7005