The holidays are well past and February is almost over.

Posted on February 21, 2017 in Jose Colchado

Mounds of wax used to hold filigree work in place. While being worked on.. You can see the detail.. This piece is about a 2 inch diameter.

The holidays are well past and February is almost over. I was able to visit Toledo which used to be the center of the Spanish Empire and the center of the Catholic Church in Spain. It is only a short train ride from Madrid. The Cathedral by itself is well worth the trip. I spent a whole day just in the Cathedral. It is very clear why the Catholic Church left such a footprint in Spain and Europe. Who cannot be awed by the richness and splendor of the church itself. The people in Toledo are very proud of El Greco and you can visit the house where he lived and worked and there is a museum devoted to him alone. The town retains much of its old architecture and unplanned streets. They just

Artist working on adding the filigree on several pieces.

put in a street where ever they needed one and it could be as long as a quarter mile or as short as 15 meters. No right angles. It took me three days to be able to find my hostel with ease. I was lost most of the time but trying to find your way you encounter some new and exciting building, museum, or shop. All restaurants ( tavernas, bars, whatever they choose to call them) have a daily special and just asking for that can be an adventure. I ate a great vegetable lasagna, a tripe soup that is very close to menudo, and some great fish. Of course paella is available in many varieties and everywhere. The breads are many and varied and DELICIOUS! I am eating too much bread here, but can’t help it. I loved that you could walk everywhere to see what you wanted. Toledo is known for it filigree in gold leaf. And the jewelry is not very expensive, so I splurged and bought some for everyone in the family. It was a great experience to watch the artists at work and they were very generous with their time, explaining everything.

A second artist “fixes” the filigree on to the background piece.

My school experience has improved a lot. Teachers have recognized that I know something about teaching and are more open to my working with the kids particularly using art to reinforce material in social and natural science. One second grade girl Mariana, gave me a Christmas present and card. She said she baked the cookies herself

Manuscripts at the Cathedral in Toledo.. Imagine the skill and patience to hand letter and decorate.

and wrote in the card, “You are my Favorite teacher. I love you.” As a teacher it doesn’t get better than this.

I have begun to do some painting but am limited by the materials and space and have to work small.

I am enjoying photography and trying to make them more artful.

An El Greco in the Cathedral in Toledo.












I heard there was snow for Christmas and wish I had been there since there has been so little snow since I have lived there.

Keep on Painting.